The more voices we have represented and amplified in our business, the more we will contribute, thrive and shine.

Carola Morena has its own music production studio in the Poniente Tower of Warner Music Station Príncipe Pío, where we want to give the opportunity to join the musical circuit to anyone who proves to have talent.
Success on numerous occasions does not do justice to the talent and the capabilities of artists, for this reason Carola Morena undertakes a program to discover, counsel and support the musical career of singers, composers, authors and DJs of various styles. We offer production, release, follow-up and study to continuously improve the artists, tutelling and accompanying them throughout the process.

Our production studio focuses on two lines of work: on the one hand we are dedicated to train the career of young artists since their inception. On the other hand we will enhance the musical career of artists who already have a powerful portfolio but who have not had opportunities to recognize their talent.

We believe in the value of people and our goal is to make visible the talent they possess, regardless of their origin, age or condition. Carola Morena tries to bring out the best in each artist, since we understand art as something that makes us feel, not only from the position of spectator or listener, but also from the perspective of the artist, who also feels when he creates.
If you think you have a special sensibility for music and art, we will be happy to value you. Contact us through the form below and send us a portfolio with your best work.



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